To Tread in Wild Places: An Introductory Guide to Wilderness Living Skills 2nd edition


Sam's first book "To Tread In Wild Places" was written to give the reader the essential skills that are necessary to live in the wilderness. Although it started as a guide book for 6th-8th grade students, it evolved into an all-around guide for people wanting to start exploring the wilderness. As a "survival book" enthusiast Sam collected stacks of books in his youth. He would read them cover to cover until their bindings buckled. Although Sam discovered dozens of books that he finds irreplaceable, he found that there wasn't a book that taught the collection of skills that he found most effective during his courses. He set out to write a book that was short enough to consume quickly, but thorough enough to essential communicate the skills.

I wanted to write a book for anyone longing to live closer to the land. I wanted to cut out the unnecessary clutter, and double down on the essential skills. In this book, I do just that
— Sam Larson, author, founder of woodsong

To Tread In Wild Places covers the "first skills" that someone should learn if they want to spend time in the wilderness.

  • Common Wild Edible Plants

  • Water Disinfection

  • Primitive Traps

  • Knots

  • Wilderness Cooking

  • Home Made Items

and more!

If you finish this book and want more, just shoot Sam an email ( and he'll be happy to recommend another!

Changes for this edition include higher quality black and white photos, reconfigured information, and a brand new chapter where Sam answer's one of life's big questions, 'why is it important to spend time in the woods?'

About the Author


Sam Larson is a wilderness skills instructor and author from Nebraska. He is best known for his time on HISTORY's hit survival series ALONE. During the show Sam lived completely alone for many weeks in British Columbia, and Mongolia, with just 10 survival items. As an instructor Sam is dedicated to sharing his skills with beginners, and spreading survival skills throughout the world. He is the founder of Woodsong, an wilderness education company. He spends all of his spare time with his wife, son, and daughter.