Sam is a writer, adventurer, and founder of Woodsong. His practical experiences over many nights in remote wilderness areas has trained him to be a knowledgeable and hardy backwoodsman. Sam’s adventures have lead him throughout North America where he has had the opportunity to learn from world-class outdoorsmen, and perhaps the greatest teacher of all, the natural world.

Sam spends much of his time in Lincoln, Nebraska where he lives with his wife Sydney, and son, Alaska. 

His interest in wilderness living skills began in elementary school when he saw an arrowhead exhibit at a natural history museum. As a kid he read as many books about the wilderness as he could, and at 14 he got his first taste of real wilderness on a canoe expedition in northern Ontario. After high school Sam travelled to northern Maine to study wilderness skills at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School. The more he studied the more his interests grew, and after being invited back by Tim Smith, Sam became a teacher’s assistant at the school. Although he enjoyed the boreal forest Sam had the urge to experience different environments so he sold his Jeep to purchase a plane ticket to Arizona where he lived under an Army poncho and learned from one of his bushcraft mentors, Tom Moore. The year after that Sam traveled to New Mexico where he traversed the Gila Wilderness alone, with only minimal gear, and a handful of granola.

Sam is perhaps best known for being the runner up on season one of HISTORY's hit survival show ALONE. 

Sam was one of 10 survivalists on season one of HISTORY's hit survival show ALONE. Sam spent 55 days living solo with only 10 survival items in the wilderness of northern Vancouver Island. At age 22, Sam was the youngest of the participants by nearly a decade, and is best known for his humor, primitive traps, and fortitude. 


He now spends his free time writing on his blog, leading private guided canoe expeditions and teaching the occasional wilderness skills courses.

And of course, he's always planning his next big adventure...