Meet Sam

My name is Sam.  I'm an adventurer, writer,  speaker, story teller, and modern day abolitionist.   
I travel all over, meeting new people, exploring new places and telling you all about them here on my blog.  My educational credentials can be listed comfortably on a post-it note, so I make a living by utilizing my wanderlust. 
Enjoy my blog, and feel free to connect with me using the  social badges below or email me at 


My favorite thing to do (other than spending time with my wife) is speak about my journeys and my motto of "living adventure to adventure." I believe that I have been given a passion for helping others live their adventure. 
Check out my TEDx talk to see my speaking style. This was my first talk, and a great adventure in itself!
If you'd like to book me to speak, just hit me up via email at

Wilderness Skills Instructor

I have been learning wilderness skills since my mother bought me my first bow and arrow set at age 4. Since then, I have had incredible opportunities to travel through the most diverse corners of the United States teaching, learning, and honing my skills. Let me teach you the essential wilderness skills that I believe every person should have. We'll start and maintain fires, build shelters, tie knots, and learn survival skills.