The Best Knife For Young Woodsmen

I have been teaching a group of 6-13 year olds in my wilderness skills class this past semester and it has been the blessing of a lifetime. There was just one problem. Most students had knives that were great for general use, but insufficient for most camping or survival tasks.

I expected this of course, but I didn't comprehend how difficult this would make class. Because of this, I'm doing a quick write up on the knives that I would recommend for young woodsmen!

Let's get started!

First, we need to determine what qualities we're looking for.


A dull knife makes carving more difficult, and leads to injury more often than a sharp one. When someone needs to use more force then necessary, they are far more likely to compromise their safe carving technique.

Blade Length

A good knife has a blade that is 3-5 inches in length. This makes them short enough to wield easily, and long enough to get the job done.


Most folding knives lack the strength and stability to accomplish difficult carving tasks. For this reason I recommend a fixed blade knife. Just be sure to keep it in its sheath when it's not being used! There are also a couple of folding knives that are quite useful, which I will show you.


Even if your child is responsible, I always recommend not putting too much cash into their cutlery. After all, lots of inexpensive knives perform great!

Here are the knives that I would recommend purchasing

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife
Any knife by Mora is a good knife. This one is inexpensive, and comfortable in the hand
$13.31 currently on Amazon
(click the image for more details)

Green River Knife

This is the knife that I use on a daily basis. It's also the knife that your grandpa used, and possibly his grandpa...

It's basically an old-timey hickory butcher knife.
$21.59 currently on Amazon
(click the image for more details)

Old Timer

This is the folding knife that I recommend. It is sharp, solid, and proven. This one also includes a small saw, which is very useful.
$18.59 currently on Amazon
(click the image for more details)

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
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