Don't Be A Tourist. Be An Explorer

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The world is full of beautiful places.
How we visit those places is up to us.

In each place there is an adventure, but most will never find it. 
Cameras in hand, caked with sunscreen, a tourist enters a far away land like they enter a movie theatre. 
They expect to be entertained
To take all they can for a short time, before rushing home to critique their experience.
An explorer leaves the beaten path in search of a greater adventure. 
We seek education, not entertainment. 
We respect the places we travel for what they are, not for what hollywood says they are. 
An explorer enjoys every moment, even when wet, cold, or broke.

An explorer chases discovery, open to new cultures and new ideas. 
A tourist has expectations, but an explorer treats each experience with a humble attitude.

Though I fear I may still be a tourist, I strive to leave my selfish tendencies behind.
After all, to explore is to sacrifice your comforts for the joy that a new experience will bring.

Wherever you are,
Whoever you are,
Go Explore,


Samuel Larson1 Comment