Explorer Highlight: Alex Hibbert and the Dark Ice Project

So Alex Hibbert is at it again! I have been a big fan of Alex for a long time.  The fact that he started his polar exploration career at such a young age is inspiring, his expeditions are gutsy, and in the few times we have communicated back and forth, he has been extremely kind and helpful.

His last big expedition (as many of you know) was the tremendous effort of a double crossing on the Greenland Icecap where he travelled 1374 miles, breaking the record for the longest fully unsupported Arctic expedition.

Photo courtesy of alexhibbert.com
Now he's pursuing a much more difficult expedition, The Dark Ice Project, where, according to their website

"Between mid-December 2013 and July 2014, Alex Hibbert and the Dark Ice team will each haul over 250kg the length of the Nares Strait and then make an unsupported return attempt on the Geographic North Pole. In August 2013, an initial preparatory phase will take place to lay and prepare depots for the main phase, with that ultimate goal of the Pole unsupported in winter. This has never been achieved. The Pole has also never been reached from Greenland - the final main route as yet untravelled. 

The route for will cover up to 1800 miles over fractured and mobile sea ice between the cliffs and glaciers of Ellesmere Island and North-West Greenland and then the vast, frozen Arctic Ocean. The team will set out from the Greenlandic Inuit village of Qaanaaq and travel north to the edge of the Arctic Ocean and then the North Pole, before returning. The sea ice through these narrow straits is amongst the most dynamic and technically demanding in the world." 
  Now that's awesome!

In preparation for the expedition he and his crew are putting up a video series on Youtube as they explore and document not only the team, but the culture of the high arctic! Definitely worth checking out!
I only wish that the videos were a bit longer.  The content is so good that it keeps the viewer longing for more... but I suppose that's the point.  Alex has also produced 3 books, the first of these being one of my all time favorite adventure books (I haven't checked out the other 2 quite yet).  I'll do a book review to give you more info on The Long Haul: The Longest Fully Unsupported Polar Journey soon, but for now, I hope you enjoy the first six episodes of his video series!