Interview with "Dude You're Screwed" Tom "Tomahawk" Moore

As some of you may have heard, Discovery just announced yet another survival show that will air October 8th at 10pm.  I'll be tuning in to this one to see my friend Tomahawk who has been running all over the planet filming it for the last few months. Here's an exclusive interview with him, and a little about how we met..

So about 3 years ago I met this crazy rascal named Tom Moore at a Wilderness Survival/Bushcraft/Canoeing school ( Just to prove it, here's a photo of us gnawin' on some fried chicken. I'm the one in the baller shorts, and he's the older, uglier one who somehow got to be on the Discovery Channel.  

After our hike back to town, Huachuca Mtns, AZ

Later that year we had some time to hang out in his homeland of southern Arizona. We have been awesome friends ever since.  Here's the interview:

Hello Tom!  It's great to interview you again!  As many of my readers know, you have no permanent address.  Where are you now and what have you been up to lately?

 Hello Sam! Well, Actually, I have been living in Cambodia between the shoots of my new TV show. I am currently in Arizona now running some personalized survival classes.

Could you give me a run down on your new show?

 The new show is called "Dude you're Screwed", A silly name, I know. But the content is good. It will have 7 episodes filmed all over the world. I think this show has something for everyone. 

What are you most excited for the viewers of the show to see?

 I want the viewers of the show to see the beautiful venues, and all of the cool high tech gear and equipment we used. There are helicopters, speed boats, Yachts, ect. as well as techno gadgets i think gear freaks will enjoy seeing.

What are a few key points about survival and wilderness living that you'd like emphasize? Are there some important skills or tips that have not been touched on in previous shows?

Each episode of this new show is different. It is not like the other shows you see on TV where the "Experts" imply that the skills they are using or demonstrating were invented by them. There is nothing new under the sun as far as survival goes, these skill are as old as man himself. I would like people to come away from watching this show with a better appreciation for adventure and travel. to throw off the yoke society has imposed on most folks and get out and explore.

Switching subjects, lets go a bit more into your life.  As we stated earlier, you spend most of your time living in the bush.  How did the TV peeps contact you to do a show?  How did you stay in contact with them?

Well Sam, yes, over a 4 year period I spent 1200 days living outdoors in various countries around the world. The TV "Peeps" contacted me through my travel blog. Formerly called Tomahawks adventure travel and survival blog - now it is a website under I stay in contact with the tv folks be email mostly.

Tell us a bit about the multiple handles you go by.  Which will you go by in the show?

Hahahaha! ok, well as you know most folks call me "Tomahawk", I cant really remember when I aquired that handle but it is a moniker I wear with pride. My other main  handle is "Whisky Jack" , that name is used mostly in the Maine north woods where we first met at the Jack Mountain bushcraft school -, few folks outside of Aroostook county ,Maine know me as WJ.

You prefer to live in the mountains of southern Arizona.  Some see this as an extremely dangerous part of the country due to drug trafficking, and illegal immigration.  What do you have to say about the area?

Sam , you are absolutly right about the dangerous part of the area I live in along the U.S./Mexico border. I have had numerous encounters with drug runners and Illigal aliens over the years. I love the Mountains and winter weather of SE Arizona and aside from SE Asia, I cant think of any other place I would like to live permanently.

Where did you acquire your love for wild places?

Im not really sure where I aquired a love for wild places. Im sure it is in my DNA make up. I come from a long line of wilderness men, soldiers and explorers. I just got lucky and came by it naturally I suppose.

I hate all the gear chat on the web today, and to me, it really seems irrelevant after a while.  However, I still think it's good to know what experienced guys like you carry when you're in the bush.  What are some survival items that you carry/recommend?  What other gear do you like to carry while you're traveling and camping in AZ and around the world?

Well, Like you Sam, I hate all the gear chat i hear about and read on the "interweb" . I usually go with the best gear i can afford and make thing as I need them. It is hard to recommend gear for fellow travelers because people are so different. I do usually carry my old green river knife, a tarp, hammock , poncho liner and a few other things. just to make my self as comfortable as possible. 

What are you most looking forward to about the show?

Gettin paid so I can finance more adventure trips around the world.

Will you still be my friend once you're famous, or will you be too cool for school?

Hahaha! well, I think you know the answer to that one. Im probably the most grounded guy you will ever meet. Besides, it is just TV. Not a real big deal to me. I only did the show for money and the possibility of getting on dancing with the stars.

Do you think having your skills shown on TV will attract any cute red heads? 

Man! I hope so! 

Any final words before you head back into the mountains?

I was good to hear from you again Sam!, I hope you enjoy the show and our paths will cross again one day Im certain of that. Take care and see you on the trail!

Thanks for reading guys!

By the way, if you have any questions for Tom, feel free to leave them in the comments! I'm sure we'll be talking with him again soon, and he'll likely be here to respond to comments. 

As Tom likes to say,

Scouts Out!
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