Hey Sam, Are You Ever Miserable? - Q&A Series

Due to the nature of my blog many travelers, and adventure enthusiasts ask some really great follow up questions after some of my posts, and I'd like to share a few of them that are frequently asked.  These questions are also darn tough to answer, but I'll certainly do my best.  On that note, you can always hit me up at sam@samexplores.com with any questions or inquiries. I'll answer back promptly as long as you don't claim to be my long lost twin or something.  Anyway, here it goes.

I love all of your stories about the adventures you've had.  But, they're mostly just fun, goofy things that  have happened.  Can you tell me of a time that you were really miserable?

Hmmm, interesting.  I thought I write about being miserable a lot. I'll try to be more depressing :).  I am miserable constantly on my adventures, which may be why I don't write about it that much. I have become used to being cold, wet, dehydrated, and exhausted.  A few instances that come to mind are my first night in Arizona when I had explosive diarrhea, and I was attempting to sleep in a hammock with inappropriate sleeping gear.  That was pretty horrible. While we're on diarrhea, I also had a bad case of montezuma's revenge while in Nicaragua.  In the end I was running to the restroom literally 10-12 times per hour.  The flight attendants loved me!

Every night in New Mexico was pretty bad, but not quite as bad as that first night in AZ.

Getting attacked by mosquitoes in Maine also comes to mind. They once buzzed around my head so loud that I couldn't sleep, even with an ipod on.  I thought I wrote about this instance at one point.  It was so terrible that I had a dream about a mosquito rock band blaring out my ear drums. I also had easily over one hundred bites from mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, and other creepy crawlies!
It was like every time I left my tent I would get swarmed.  I was once attempting to light a fire in the rain while 20 mosquitoes feasted on my hands (the only body part that I left exposed).

I suppost you could say that I have been extremely blessed though.  Visiting remote wilderness areas always involves a bit of risk.  I've definitely been miserable, but I've never been severely injured or extremely sick.

Thanks for reading, and don't spend too long looking at the photo below! GEEESH I still remember how much those itched!

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