WHY?: Why I'm Paddling A River In A Kayak Made Of Plastic Bottles

Human trafficking as a whole is the worst global injustice of our time.   If you read my blog often, you know that by now.  As free, capable people we must all do our part to fight this injustice.  So, what does this have to do with my crazy kayaking trip?

As I said in a recent Tedx talk, there's always going to be an excuse to not do something.  You might be too busy, too poor, too fat, too wimpy, too young, too old... there's always an excuse.  It's only fair that I am honest with you all about just how much of a struggle I know my next expedition will be.  

First off, I have very few talents. I did poorly in school, and by that I mean that unless the class was weight training or choir I most likely had a D or an F. I jist wuznt that gud at skool.  

In fact, my only real talent is adventure, and I'm still not sure if that counts as an actual talent or not.  My talent is a thirst to explore the unexplored.  Therefore, I need to use my talent to fight human trafficking, as abstract as it may be.  Thats why I raise funds and awareness through challenging wilderness expeditions. They're my version of a bike-a-thon "on steroids." 

Other than my lack of talent, I'm also disgustingly out of shape at the moment.  I have been writing and speaking a bunch over the  last few months, and  those activities don't burn too many calories.  Meanwhile I have packed on the pounds and trust me, it's not muscle. I also don't have any money, but like I mentioned, that's not a problem that can't be worked around.  

A legit expedition kayak costs from $1500 to $4000 USD.  That's what my car is worth, so buying a kayak is out out of the question.  But, remember that "no excuses" stuff that I gave you up there /\/\/\. I mean it. So, I have resorted to building this kayak out of nothing but materials that are often found in dumpsters, like plastic bottles. Duct tape will also be used of course.  I can't wait to start building, and overcoming the challenge of making the vessel tough enough to withstand class III whitewater, while making it fast enough to cover many miles each day. 

I'm building this kayak not just because I can't afford a real one, but to prove that anyone can make a difference, no matter their situation.  Maybe you fall into a number of those "too" categories that I listed above. As I have stated, I'm too out of shape, and too broke, and at 21, most people would probably say that I'm too young. But, in the end human trafficking is TOO big of an injustice to not do anything about it. So... Let's get buildin'

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