The Wallet Friendly Way to Get Outdoor Gear and Clothing

Adventure Shopping: The Wallet Friendly Way to get outdoor gear

This weekend I spoke at a Tedx conference, and after my  talk I was asked a question about gear, and how I afford technical outdoor gear, and clothing.  

Over the last few years I have perfected my money saving techniques, especially when it comes to outdoor gear and outdoor clothing.  My adventures simply wouldn't be possible if I hadn't found a way to save money.  As new wilderness technology comes out, the prices have skyrocketed.  A single set of technical outdoor clothing can surpass $1000 no problem.  If you're like most adventurers, let's be honest, you don't have a ton of money. But, NEVER FEAR! Your wallet friendly adventure shopping guide is here!  

 Step 1: If you  want to save big, you need to start early, and I mean really early!  I usually start acquiring gear a year to nine months prior to an expedition, ensuring that I'll get the lowest prices possible.  

Step 2: Take inventory of what you already have.  You don't need spare items for the most part, so it helps to stop buying more of what you already have.  If you don't need it, don't buy it!

Step 3: Take a look at garage sales and thrift stores.  You won't believe what great items you'll find at an awesome price!  Remember to look for reliable brands, and inspect the items closely to make sure they're in good condition.  If you live in an area where outdoor recreation is popular, you're in luck!  You may even be able to build your entire outdoor wardrobe in one day. 

Step 4: Join a gear discount website.  For this, I recommend The Clymb!  The Clymb is a website that sells new technical outdoor clothing and gear at an extreme discount.  I have purchased a bunch from them in the last couple of years, and they never disappoint.  I recommend signing up, ASAP!

Step 5: Rent any gear that you haven't been able to buy.  If you're just a casual adventurer, buying a new set of snowshoes for $200 on sale may not be the best option.  Instead, look for a place to rent them.  There are a lot of businesses online, local, and at university campuses that will rent you gear!  

Step 6: Ebay and Craigslist can be an adventurer's best friend! Check there for used gear, and you can save a bunch. Simple, but so true!

Step 7: 3 weeks before your trip, buy retail.  I know, it stinks, but if you're 3 weeks away from your trip, you need to ensure that you have the gear that you need.  The reason that I say 3 weeks is to allow time for error.  Businesses can make mistakes. Your item could arrive in the mail late, broken, or you could even be sent the wrong item altogether!  I should know... I work for a popular outdoor retailer.  

I hope deeply that this article will help you  save money! If you have any questions or inquiries, email me at

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