Bus In, Explore, Bus Out -Cheap Adventures Series

1 Bus In, Explore, Bus Out

Busses are a great way to get around the country.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't sign myself to go on a cross-country greyhound trip in a million years.  However, busses are extremely economical, and you can find a bus stop in nearly every corner of the USA (if you live elsewhere, I'm guessing there's some type of small town transportation: train, etc).  

The key to bus travel is to look for the word "Express." Many busses stop at every little town, but some offer "express lines" which go directly to a popular location.  For example, when I return from Maine I take an express bus from Bangor to Boston Logan.  It's inexpensive, and Concord Coach lines does a really great job! More on that company later.  

Find an inexpensive bus to take you to the woods, the mountains, a city you've never explored, etc.  For example, I live in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I can take the bus to Frisco for about $140, as you can see by clicking on the link.  

Bus from Lincoln to Frisco, Co


Now, it's time to explore!
This part is really up to you.  If you're into new restaurants and diners, you're sure to find one.  For me, I would head straight for the mountains and set up camp.  Find a legal place to camp, and you'll save hundreds of dollars on hotels.  If there's no place to camp legally, you'll have to stealth camp... more on that later (not that I have ever done  this of course ;) Always remember, there's a big difference between illegal, and only mostly illegal.) 

After setting up camp, head into town, and meet some locals.  

Locals will help you immensely.  They can tell  you what mountains to hike, which springs and falls to visit, the best places to eat, and many  other awesome, helpful tips.  Then,

GO FOR IT! The adventure is on!

Unfortunately, after a week or so, you'll have to go home, but only after exploring a new place!  You'll return with awesome memories, new friends (or at least acquaintances), and the confidence to go on more trips!
Thank you so much for reading! For more on what to pack, where to go, what to do, adventure how-to, stories, and other shenanigans, follow me for updates! Or, if you have a specific question, hit me up at sam@samexplores.com

Don't confuse logging trucks with busses. My bad.