Awakening Your Inner Adventurer, Looking Back

What is adventure to you?  If it means skiing in Antarctica or attempting the 7 summits, then yes, adventure is too expensive for most people (at least without sponsorships).

If that was the only thing that counted as adventure, then I would be miserable. It would take decades for me to save enough money to fly to Antarctica.  I can hardly afford a bus ticket to Chicago.   We really need to think  of adventure in a different light.  One thing that has always helped me is thinking back to when I was a kid.  Everything seemed new, and exciting.  I saw every hill, every big city, every river, and every new experience as an adventure.  In the end, the difference was that I was the only one defining what an adventure was.  Other than the fact that I counted leaving a whoopee cushion on a couch as an adventure, I think I had it down back then.

There's a road block that gets in the way, defining adventure as a major heroic task that could easily result in death or injury. As an adult, I now let society define adventure for me. Of course, I can find an excuse to blame pretty much everything on "society." World hunger, a bad educational system, obesity, bad breath... the list can go on and on.  But seriously, this one actually  makes sense.

It seems to be more evident the older I get.  We see people climbing Everest and swimming across oceans and tweeting from the North Pole and we say 'well screw that' and then we become spectators, watching others have adventures.  We watch TV, play a video game, and do anything we can to not "compete" with the "real adventurers."

 Now that Im grown it takes far longer to convince myself that paddling the creek that runs through town counts as an adventure, but aren't those the activities that we hold fondly from childhood?

As Picasso is often quoted, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

It was true back then, and it's just as accurate today!  However, I like to change it up a bit.

Every child is an adventurer, and an exceptional explorer.  The problem is how to remain an adventurer once we grow up.

This week, find a time for adventure.  Ride your bike through a part of town where you never travel, just for the heck of it.  Find the strangest looking seafood  at the grocery store and eat it.  Go for a walk in the woods, or, better yet, start planning for a larger adventure!  Plan to head off on a backpacking trip, or a road trip around the western USA.  Do something! Stop watching bad TV!  The Walking Dead doesn't start back up again until October 13th, so you have a bunch of time to go on an  adventure before that! (Holy cow, I can't wait)

Get out! Go on an adventure, no matter how insignificant it seems! Just go for it!