Where I'll Be For A While

Hey guys!  Thanks for stopping by!  I can't say just how much I appreciate all of my viewers, so I'll leave it at a simple, thank you.

The cat's out of the bag.  On May 1st the speaker list for TedxYouth@Lincoln was announced and I was honored to find my name among the speakers!  The conference will take place on August 18th.  This gives me just a couple of months to plan, raise support, and take off on my next expedition, which I have decided to call Expedition Ghetto Raft!

To follow the expedition check out GhettoRaft.com!  It will be exciting to go through the process of building the raft, and floating it down the waters of the Verde River in central Arizona!  When I tie in the fact that I will be getting married at the end of May, I come to the conclusion that this is guaranteed to be the most life-changing, and challenging summer that I have lived thus far!

So if you're wondering where I am, or why I haven't updated my blog recently, I'm most likely hanging out at GhettoRaft.com, or doing important, married things!

I can't wait to see what this summer holds!