The Gila Expedition, Frame By Frame

The other day I found the camera that I had used during the Gila Expedition to snap a few shots.  The camera had taken in a bit of sand on my last trip to Maine, and had only been working off and on.  After a few attempts to revive it, I gave up... until today!  I hit the "on" button, and bam!  Photos!  This was a great feeling, since I thought all of my photos had been lost forever, other than those taken on my phone.  I have decided to release them one by one, telling my story of cold, endurance, and discovery, frame by frame.
Driving through the vastness that is southern New Mexico in my Chevy S10, I had no Idea what I had gotten myself into.  All of the preparation in the world could never bullet proof me for what I was about to experience.  Doesn't every good trip begin like that?

I passed small mountain ranges all morning, searching for the land they call the Gila.  The largest wilderness area in the region.  When it was finally within view, I was convinced that no man could live in such a wilderness, not without the proper tools at least.  And so I left my truck, trekking into the wild, fulfilling the introduction to the story of my life.

I will always view this time as the true end of my childhood.  For the first time in my life, it was just me.  All I had was my brain, the ten pounds of gear in my yukon pack, a small bag of granola, and a tin of sardines.