My Mind Is Officially Blown : Technology Advances In Satellite Communication Off-Grid Delorme inReach Two Way Satellite Comminication for Smartphones

So today as I was surfing the web I came along this device.  It is made to quote "fill in the gaps" in cell phone reception.  Apparently it can also be used as an emergency locator device.  It gets me laughing looking at this thing when I just spent almost as much money renting a satellite phone as this device would cost to own!

Maybe it's because I'm a gear geek as far as outdoor gadgets go, but my mind is blown.  A decade ago it was really cool if your flip open phone was thinner than the other flip open phones. We were still pulling up antennas on our clunky cell phones to get better reception.  Pretty soon, we'll be able to launch rockets from across the planet with these things... if that's not already possible.

Either way, I'm happy to see it, and plan on doing more research before purchasing one (not to mention earning some dough to buy the thing).  With any luck, I'll be using this device in the future to communicate from my remote expeditions.