Snowy Santa Fe

Hey everyone!  I don't have a whole lot of time before I need to be on the road again, but I felt the need to give everyone a quick update!

The drive yesterday went well, other than the snow storm that hit shortly after I crossed the border into New Mexico.  It was patchy at first, but the last hour or so was pretty bad, slowing traffick to 30mph on I-25.  I was contemplating extending my drive to Albuquerque, but decided to pull off in Santa Fe.

I'm now safe and sound in the Motel 6, which is nice, in that sort of Motel 6-ish kind of way (unlike the one in Sierra Vista).  I'll take some time to organize my gear, check weather updates, and look over the Gila map, before I get some sandbags, and dunkin donuts (don't have those in Nebraska), and hit the road.

Hilights of the day will include Chick fil A  (which we also don't have in Nebraska!), and of course arriving at my starting point around 1pm.  This will give me time to do a few hours of hiking, before I set up camp.

An interesting fact that I learned recently about the southwest is that gas is about 50 cents cheaper than it was in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  Not bad!  Another reason why I love the southwest!