Nature Changes The Game

As many of you know last summer large portions of the rockies were consumed by devastating forest fires.  Of course, the fires are all out now, and the forest is recovering, but as I found out a few days ago, the forest is still not recovered.  Fallen trees and charred debris cover large portions of the wilderness.  Every trail on the western portion of the wilderness has been closed until further notice.  However, this does leave open the other half of the wilderness.  This brings its own challenges...

The elevation is just over 5000ft at the western border of the wilderness, where I had originally planned on starting the expedition.  Due to the trail closures I will be starting at an elevation over 7000ft, which will drop the temperature considerably!  In the dry desert air temperatures can drop lower than they would in an environment with more moisture.  I guess this explains why the record low temperature in this wilderness is -37!  Well, as always, I'll hunker down at night, throw more wood on the fire, and keep you all as up to date as possible!