Back To The "Real World"

Today marks 7 days since I left New Mexico and returned to the "real world." After returning from trips I often realize just how fake the real world is.  Wake up, complain on Facebook, go to work, them watch a box box that talks of fictional shows, or reality TV, which may actually be more fake. Not that watching tv isn't fun, it just allows you to think you're on an adventure while in reality, you're snuggled up on a couch drinking coffee and cuddling a corgi.

I'm a big fan of social interaction.  Few things bring me more joy than telling tales of my travel experiences. In the Gila, I added to my list of stories significantly.  Since it was my first solo expedition, I learned how to deal mentally with the isolation.  Though I loved it, I must say that I prefer having people along with me.  I just feel as if I'm robbing the world of my fun if I don't share the experiences with others.

Some of the stories from my expedition may make you question my sanity, And others may inspire you to embark upon adventure of your own.  I'll hope for the latter. is about to make some big changes.  I'll be doing a lot more with video (more on this later), and my next couple expeditions are going to focus a bit less on survival, and a bit more on culture, ingenuity, and inspiration.  I hope that you stick along for the ride!