Why I Trek

Today I had a chance to flip through my local newspaper, and noticed an all too familiar story.

"A 36-year-old mother was sentenced to 80 to 90 years in prison Wednesday for prostituting her 14- and 7-year-old daughters."

These two girls were both victims of sexual slavery.  Though sex slavery takes place in many forms it all boils down to the same sad conclusion: young women being forced into prostitution.  In the United States we are blessed with law enforcement personnel who catch this crime being committed, and we make those who commit these crimes pay.  This is not the case in Nepal.  

In Nepal, sex traffickers are often released with little more than a slap on the wrist as their punishment.  This is why I support Tiny Hands International!  
Here's some info on prosecution of sex traffickers in Nepal, from the Tiny Hands website:

"Without the threat of holding traffickers accountable for their actions through legal prosecution, organizations have little hope of effecting change on a meaningful scale.  Human trafficking in Nepal carries a 30 year prison sentence, but unfortunately because of police corruption, ineffective legal processes, and the power and influence of the trafficking industry, the prosecution of traffickers is relatively rare.

In 2010 THI began working with local legal partners to train our border monitoring staff as paralegals in order to increase their ability to effectively gather evidence and open cases that will lead to the prosecution of more traffickers.  With special attention to obvious safety concerns, we keep presumed victims in local safe homes where we work to build cases against alleged traffickers.

While the percentage of traffickers arrested for each girl rescued at the border remains quite small, we are seeing a significant increase as our processes improve.

Witness Protection Home
In order to keep trafficking victims safe from retribution during trafficking cases in which they are required to testify, Tiny Hands plans to open a witness protection home in an undisclosed location in Nepal under the care of capable, loving, house parents.  Victims will be offered emotional and spiritual counseling and have the opportunity to participate in our Women’s Empowerment Center curriculum of basic adult literacy, small business training, and specific job training as they await their opportunity to testify against their trafficker."
We live in a cruel world full of wickedness, deception, and hatred.  Each year 10-15,000 Nepalese girls are forced into prostitution.  If this expedition results in raising enough funds to save just one girl from the fate of sexual slavery, then all of my efforts, and all of the pain that I expect to endure will all be worth it.  I've set the goal at 100 girls!  The cost for the border stations to intercept a girl is approximately $50.  

Though I enjoy spending time in the wilderness testing my skills and challenging myself, that is not my motivation for this expedition.  This expedition is to save innocent girls from from a terrifying future.  That is why I trek!

To donate to the expedition visit tinyhandsinternational.org/donate and specify "Gila 100" as the campaign name.  

As always, thank you for reading!