The Knife - A Survival Essential

When it comes to successfully living in the wilderness your cutting tools should be one of your top priorities!  In survival situations there are three kinds of cutting tools that could save your life: an ax for use in the northern forests, a machete for use in the jungle, and a knife, which should be carried in all environments, and in every season!  In this post, I'll go over what knives I recommend, and why I think they're absolutely essential in the wilderness!  

First, I enjoy carrying a small folding knife, with just a few simple tools.  Ideally, I prefer a large blade, a smaller blade, and a saw.  I personally don't prefer multi tools because in my opinion, they do many tasks, but perform none of them well.  Old Timer, and Victorinox are my two favorite brands of folding knives.  

For all around use, I like to carry a simple, 3.5-5 inch fixed blade knife.  These will do most anything if you know how to use them.  The blade I carry most often is the Green River Knife.  It's basically a butcher knife that was used by trappers all over the US, and especially in the west.  I think they're still the best knife around for the money! Cost is just around $20, which is great considering many survival knives can cost around $275. Another great fixed blade knife to carry is the mora knife.  These knives are made in Sweden, and make excellent knives for bushcraft.  These knives range between $9 and $35.  Both of these knives have carbon steel blades, which will be easy to sharpen, and hold an edge very well. 

There are also certain large knives that I consider to be between a standard knife, and a machete.  These can be multi-useful, as they can often be used to saw, chop, and split wood effectively.  Though there are many popular models, I find the Spetsnaz Machete to be superior.  It has many functions, and successfully completes every task that it is built for.  Many large knifes can also be used as spears, or throwing knives for camp protection.  Though the need for a throwing knife might be a doubtful, a spear can be a good tool for defense against predators. 

In the end, there are a few rules to follow when it comes to the blade you carry. 
·        Know how to sharpen it, and keep it sharp!  A dull knife takes much more effort to work with than a sharp one.  Furthermore, you’re less likely to get injured when using a sharp knife, due to how little effort is needed. 
·        Keep it close, and know how to use it!  Be sure to have your knife attached to your pants, around your neck, or connected to you in some fashion at any time you decide to go to the bush.  You never know when you may need it!  You should also practice carving, and working with your knife, as it takes some skill to be able to use one effectively.