Keeping In Touch: A Look Into Off Grid Communication Technology, and How It Will Effect The Gila 100

"No doubt the explorers of 2015, if there is anything left to explore, will not only carry their pocket wireless telephones fitted with wireless telescopes but will also receive their nourishment & warmth by wireless…" Thomas Orede-Lees, 1915

If you were to tell explorers of 1915 that some day you would be able to send someone a message from anywhere on the planet, to anywhere else, they would probably write you off as bonkers.  Well, here we are in 2013, and I'm pleased to inform you that you can indeed send me a text while I'm in the middle of the Gila,  miles away from any cell phone reception!

While I'm in New Mexico I'll also be updating my Facebook, and blog, by sending text messages through a satellite phone.  This excites me, as I'm always trying new things to include you, (that's right, I said YOU) on my expeditions!  The sat phone is just a small step in the technological direction as far as current day remote expeditions go.  In fact, one can now purchase a device that is capable of creating wifi hot spots anywhere on the planet!  This won't be included during the Gila 100, but I will be saving up the expedition funds to purchase one for the next expedition!

If you ever want to contact me during the expedition, it will be possible to send me a text message, if you'd like to drop a word of encouragement, ask a question about the trip (that will be answered while I'm on the expedition, if not shortly after I emerge from the woods), or tell me how crazy I am.  It's all welcome!  I may not respond immediately, because there is a charge for me to send texts, bet receiving them will be absolutely free, so text away!

Stay tuned in for more updates!