Beyond The Challenge

When I think about the expedition I can picture everything.  I can see the mountains as I set off for the 100 mile journey.  I can see the Apache Pines, and the shelter I'll build and the map I'll be navigating from.  All of these details are evident to me.  I've done it all before.  The difference this time, is my motivation.

Until now, my only motivation was adventure.  All I wanted to do was challenge myself, see new places, and chase the horizon.  The Gila 100 is different.

My thoughts are of the young girls in Nepal.  Sure, I'll have it rough for a few days.  Maybe I'll have a tough time finding water or be a bit hungry, but compared to what the victims of sex trafficking face, it's a walk in the park.  Not only are they forced into prostitution, they're also beaten, and often starved into submission.  Now, before I depress you any longer I'll let you know that this post is not to make you feel bad.  This is a call to action, for all of you, just as it was for me when I decided to start this journey!

Tiny Hands International is making incredible strides in the fight against sex trafficking!  Each month 150-200 girls are intercepted, and brought back to the relative safety of their homeland.  This is just a start though, as 10-15,000 girls are still taken each year, and sold as sex slaves.

Together, we can save these girls!  We have the resources, and the motivation to do something about it!

The expedition could use a bit more funding, but I'm not concerned over that.  I'll complete this trek!  God has always provided for my needs, and I have no worries that the same will happen in these last few days before I leave for New Mexico.

Keep those donations coming to get these girls sponsored!  We still have a long way to go!

I was asked the other day, "what if you don't meet your goal?"  What if 100 girls don't get sponsored?  As naive as it may sound, the thought had never crossed my mind.  I have very little control of how much is donated to the sponsorship of these girls, but one thing is for sure... I'll get the sponsorship.  It may take a few weeks of spreading the word about the expedition after I return.  It may take another expedition altogether, but I won't give up up on this.

Be sure to direct any donations to  and mention "Gila 100" as the campaign name.
Thank you for your support, and thank you for joining me in this fight against sex trafficking!