Six Weeks To Change Their Lives

Today marks six weeks until I leave for the Gila 100 (a survival trek that will cover 100 miles of rugged wilderness).  These six weeks will be the most critical time for donations, and spreading the word about the trek.  But first, I feel the need to go over my motivations for this journey. 
For this expedition I’m partnering with a non-profit group called Tiny Hands International.  THI is a group dedicated to fighting sex trafficking.  For more info on that, here’s their website.  A major way of preventing sex trafficking is by interception.  Interception is where THI sets up a border monitoring station to check busses holding girls, and young women before they cross over the insecure border to India, where they will be sold into forced prostitution.  It is estimated that 10-15,000 Nepalese  girls are victims of this terrible crime each year.  Thanks to the efforts of THI, thousands of girls have been saved from this fate. 
THI estimates that it takes approximately $50 to intercept each girl, which brings us to the goal of the Gila 100, to intercept one girl for each mile of the trek. 
Since the announcement of the Gila 100 I have been absolutely humbled by the donations I’ve received, yet we still have a long way to go! 
During the trek I will face many dangers, and hardships, but it’s all worth it.  While I’m out there trying to push myself through some of the harshest wilderness in the west, I’ll be thinking of all of the girls we’ll be saving from a life of misery.  They will be my motivation. 
There are 3 things that you can do to help me! 

1.       Spread the word about this trek!  Post this to your facebook, twitter, and send it to your email list!  It takes just moments to share this, but the outcome of simply sharing this could change the lives of these girls!

2.       Tell your teacher, pastor, book club, scout troop, friends, and family!  I’ll be giving presentations about the expedition for the next 6 weeks, where I’ll share more information about the sex trafficking situation in Nepal, and the expedition! Contact me at for more information. 

3.       Donate to the expedition, and THI!  First and foremost, donate to Tiny Hands International by following this link *DONATE!*.  Be sure to specify “Gila 100” as the campaign name when you donate.  It’s an easy process, and funds will be used to help the Interception program!  You don’t need to donate the $50.  You can give as much as you feel fit.  In order for the expedition to go forth I’ll also need funds to cover the transportation costs.  You can donate using the paypal link on my website here. 

Six weeks is all we have left to meet our goal of 100 girls!  We have 6 weeks to save them from a life of sexual slavery!  I hope that you will join me