Donating to the Expedition... and Sam's Philosophy of Adventure!

From the start of this idea for an expedition, my focus has been on keeping everything low budget. 
Most adventurers these days pursue expeditions to extremely remote, expensive places to travel, in order to raise money for charity.  These places include the geographic North Pole, South Pole, Mt. Everest, high expense trips to the Amazon, and various remote mountains, among countless other places.  Though these are great, challenging, expeditions that do their part in helping non-profits, it is my personal opinion that the pursuit of these isn’t always worth the cost if the only goal is to raise money to help others.  Please note that I have no intention of coming down on anyone undertaking these kinds expeditions.  I’d be honored to take part in one myself.  I’m only getting the point across that this is not what I do. 

In other words, my philosophy is that if I use my wilderness skills to fight human trafficking, I’m going to pursue low budget expeditions so that I can focus the majority of my efforts on raising money, and awareness, for the cause.  There’s one condition though.  I will not sacrifice adventure, or difficulty in the pursuit of these low budget expeditions.  This goes along with the slogan of my blog.  “Climb Any Mountain, Paddle Any River,” refers to my belief that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to go on a great expedition.  Though travelling to somewhere across the world will make for an awesome expedition, it is not a requirement in order to have a truly epic adventure. 

Though I keep the cost of each expedition very low, I’m still in need of financial support in order for things to go forward.. Here’s a list of what gear I still need, along with the estimated costs for the rest of the expedition.  To donate, use the yellow “Donate” button on the right side of the page. 

What I Need
Insulated Jacket $49 Sponsored!
Thermal pants $27 Sponsored!
Satellite Communications Device $99
Transportation $320
Lodging $120
Communications: For this expedition I am in need of some technology, in order to communicate with the “outside world.”  My digital camera took a beating while I was hiking the rocky coastline of Maine, and my “flip cam” is about to quit on me. I’ll need a good camcorder to record a video journal of the expedition.  If you’ve got an extra camera, or camcorder that you’d like to donate to the expedition, please contact me at
These things may seem small or insignificant, but every little detail that goes into this expedition will get us that much further in spreading the word and raising money to fight trafficking.

Thank you!