100 Girls, 100 Miles: The GILA 100 - A TREK AGAINST TRAFFICKING

Human trafficking is truly one of the great evils in the world. I don’t know if I can completely wrap my head around the injustice that occurs through the crime of sex trafficking, but I’m prepared to share with you the information that can come as close as possible to describing the evil, inhumane acts of violence and destruction that innocent girls are experiencing on a daily basis. At the end of this post I’ll explain to you the GILA 100 plan of action “100 Girls, 100 Miles,” but first, I want you to read, and see first-hand the brutal effects that trafficking has on the girls of Nepal, and what Tiny Hands International (an organization taking a stand against the trafficking) is doing to help.

 From Tiny Hands website:
"Each year in Nepal, an estimated 10,000-15,000 girls are trafficked across the border where they are sold into Indian brothels and forced to become prostitutes. These girls range between ages 7 and 24, with an average age of 15.

 Most of the girls are poor and come from villages where they are lured by false marriages, or the promises of employment or education. Many of them are sold by their families. They are usually processed through Kathmandu on their way to the Nepal-India border, where they face a very meager checkpoint. They and their traffickers are not required to show passport, residence permit, or visa as they cross into India. When they reach their destination at a brothel in an Indian city, they quickly learn of their fate. Most of these young girls are virgins, and virgins are more valuable to traffickers (the myth that having sex with a virgin or younger girl will cure HIV and other STDs is common). Consequently, nearly all of these girls are forced to begin having sex with clients within a day of their arrivel. Many are gang-raped and beaten to be initiated, and they are often held in cages. Their torturous introduction is designed to ensure future compliance.

 These precious daughters are forced to have sex with as many as 40 clients a day. If they protest, or try to run away, they are beaten or tortured. They are told that they have to “pay back” the price that they were bought for, though most of them have no real chance of being set free. They cannot leave the brothel, are often denied sufficient food, and are not paid. They live under the threat of beatings and torture, in a brothel in a strange city.

 Often these girls are forced to have unsafe abortions in the brothel, since many of the men do not use condoms. HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are very common. After they are found to have HIV, the girls are thrown out. If they return to their villages, they face being ostracized because of what they have been-because of what was done to them. Many times their families will not take them back and their prospects for marriage or a job is very slim. Of those who don’t die of AIDS, most end up back on the street, selling themselves.”

 Along with assisting young women in their recovery from sexual slavery, Tiny Hands International also works to stop the trafficking at its source through their border monitoring stations. These stations stop around 200 girls every month from a fate of sexual slavery. This is where the GILA 100 comes in! I am dedicating the 100 challenging miles of this trek to the interception of Nepalese girls. You have the opportunity to help stop the trafficking!

GILA 100: An Overview

The GILA 100 will be a challenging double traverse across the remote Gila Wilderness of western New Mexico, in February 2013.  The Gila is home to steep canyons, towering mountain peaks, mountain lions, bears, cold nights, and everything that the largest wilderness in the US Southwest has to offer.  Along with the elements, I'll also have to complete the trek carrying only a limited amount of survival gear (namely, a wool blanket, plastic sheet, a knife, and a few other item), and a small bag of rice.  (To read more on my wilderness experiences, just check out the blog)

100 Miles, 100 Girls

Each of the 100 miles of my trek will represent one girl. I’m asking you to commit yourself to one of these miles, through sponsorship. The cost of intercepting a girl is approximately $50. To donate, start by clicking the DONATE link below.

 This link will redirect you to the THI website donation page.  Once you’re on the donation page, be sure to click the “Write In A Specific Campaign Name” and type "Gila 100"

 If you have a preference of what mile you’d like to sponsor, or you’d prefer that your donation be used in a specific part of their ministry, this can be indicated in the “Donation Notes” field.

 You can definitely make a donation for more, or less than $50, but every donation of $50 or more will count for one mile of the trek.

Tiny Hands International is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

 For more information check out tinyhandsinternational.org 
 I thank you for joining me on my most challenging journey yet! Stay tuned to find out more on the challenges I’ll be facing in this trek! If you’d like to contact me in regards to sponsoring the expedition, please contact me via email at sam@samexplores.com

Once again, Thanks

Fore more on human trafficking, check out this mini-documentary: