In Febuary of 2013 I will begin a grueling, 100 mile trek across the remote wilderness of western New Mexico.  In this “survival” themed expedition I will be carrying only minimal gear.  With no tent, no sleeping bag, little food, and only one bottle of water I will attempt this expedition to raise awareness, and funds to stop human trafficking.

I have spent the majority of my life studying, and practicing wilderness skills.  This passion has taken me from high alpine ridges, to desert canyons, and lush boreal forests, but this will be my most challenging expedition yet.  Though this task seems daunting, I am confident in my abilities, especially when it comes to the terrain I’ll be travelling through. 

There’s much more information to come on this expedition!  I’ll shortly be posting in detail regarding the cause, communications while on the expeditions, what I’m doing to prepare, and what you can do to help!
As always, thank you very much for your support!

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