A New Expedition to Watch!

Hello all!  First off, I have some bad news.  The Scott 2012 expedition had to be postponed until next October due to a slight lack of funds.  The team could have gone through with the expedition, but they would have had to begin at a different point than Captain Scott did.  I agree with the decision to postpone 100%.  If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly!  You can check out what Ben Saunders (Expedition Leader) has to say about it at http://scott2012.org/

Now for the good news!  I encourage all of you to watch Alex Hibbert, and his teammate Justin Miles as they trek to the geographic north pole!  This is an incredible expedition to say the least, and to add to that challenge, they will be doing so in the winter darkness.  These guys are legit, and once again, I encourage you to check them out.

Alex has helped me out a lot with my own expedition career (mostly by answering my annoying emails!), and hes an all around great, classy guy.

EXPEDITION WEBSITE: www.darkiceproject.com


JUSTIN MILES'S WEBSITE: www.justforthechallenge.com