We Hit A Moose (Or Did She Hit Us?)

Photo Courtesy of Tim Smith, Dent Courtesy of 1000 Pound Cow Moose
We fell short on our plan to leave at 12pm from Ogunquit.  Some would blame 18 holes of mini-golf, others would blame society, and some would blame a combination of young love and over analysis.  The delay resulted in us leaving for Masardis at 5pm, and having to drive in the darkness.  

Most places it's fine to drive in the dark, and there's no real danger.  In the North Maine Woods however, there are animals 800+ pounds that run at top speed across the road.  

Moose are enormous creatures, and the largest member of the deer family.  Because they're very active at night, it almost makes driving through the woods a death trap.  

In our case, we were looking intently for moose during the entire trip and when a 1000 pound cow decided to leap in front of my friend's Pontiac Sunfire, we were lucky to get away with just a small dent.  

We spotted the moose just as its head broke through the thick alders on the side of the road.  We slammed on the breaks, veering away from the moose.  Her back leg first kicked the front right of the vehicle (shown in above picture), and she managed to kick in the bottom of the license plate before bounding off into the woods.  

It was a close call, and I'm glad everyone was able to walk away from the event without injury. (Including the Moose)