Sleeping With Vampires

"Don't be a coward," said Bella as she examined her confused eyes in front of the mirror on her wedding night.  Somehow she had managed to find a vampire, fall in love with him, and marry him while telling Taylor Lautner's sexy werewolf beast body to take a hike.  Smart Chick.

One of the problems I faced in the North Woods this time around was managing to sleep while being surrounded by buzzing mosquitoes and dealing with the itch of their bites.  Combined with black flies and deer flies these were the worst insects I've ever experienced.  I have a short story )that will be part of a publication on my time spent in the wilderness) of how mosquitoes kept me up one night by buzzing right behind my ears while I hung in my hammock.  For now, here are a few pics of how brutal the bites were half way through the trip.

Hard to see in some of these pictures.  Tim Smith has a really gruesome one of me in 2011.