A Stop in Chicago

On the trip from Omaha to Chicago one of the bus driver’s comments really stuck in my mind.  “Folks, we will be experiencing some high winds, but don’tchu worry yall, I drove in worser winds den dis.”  It’s one thing to hear that on a flight, it’s a little different hearing it while you’re on the upper level of a double decker bus. 
The Chicago stop on my journey did not disappoint!  After meeting my sister at the bus stop we enjoyed a great breakfast at The Corner Bakery, before I took off on the blue line for the airport.  Unfortunately my flight is delayed for about 2 hours, causing me to miss my bus from Boston to Portland… but it could be worse, and my excitement to get to the North Woods has weakened my frustration.
Luckily for me, my friend Greg agreed to meet in Boston, instead of Portland, ME, which solves my bus problem.  I’ll be able to give more frequent updates on this trip, due to occasional WiFi at the Guide Shack once I get to Masardis, ME.  Here are a few pictures from Chicago.  Stay tuned for another great adventure!