Sit Back and Enjoy the Chowder

When I woke up in southern Maine for the first time I was welcomed with this view

I had never seen the Maine coast, or witnessed the north Atlantic.  It's truly a beautiful place.  Once you look past the quirky tourist shops and over priced ice cream a group of friendly, welcoming locals are unveiled.  Fortunately my new friend Jannine was more than happy to show me around the small town of Ogunquit, ME.  

I met Jannine through my friend Greg, and we share a common bond from all being former students of the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School.  We started off our day with a fun breakfast at a family owned and operated restaurant, The Egg and I.  

After a short hike we found ourselves at the beach, where we spent the next few hours enjoying the waves, and after an exhausting round of body surfing, we stopped at The Oar Weed for a delicious bowl of seafood chowder!   Next stop, Masardis, Maine!

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