The Hotel Prices Are Too Dang High Party

As many of you know I'm currently finishing up the planning for my next trip to Maine!  I'll be leaving in about 2 and a half weeks, and I'm excited to be getting back up there to work as a teacher's assistant under ultra survival guru and canoeing aficionado Tim Smith!

Lately the expedition funds have gotten a bit low, and frankly, after traveling the USA all year to go off on these wilderness excursions I'm tired of paying for hotel rooms.  On top of that, every hotel in the great state of Maine is overpriced.  For example, I'd have to pay around $60 just to sleep at a crumby hotel with bed bugs and whatnot snuggling up next to me while rednecks get heart attacks, while committing domestic violence next door (See AZ expedition day 1).

Therefore, I'm quitting hotels.  I'm just going to get off the bus in Bangor, ME at 10:30pm, set up my tarp in a large stand of trees (they have lots of trees in Maine, not like the great Cornhusker state), and catch some Zs, free of charge.

Since returning to society after my first month in Maine I've learned something from a certain movement that shall not be named (rhymes with Pocupy Mallstreet).  What I've learned is that if you set up camp and sleep where you're not supposed to, you get kicked out.  If you do it to complain about paying for college (just one example of course), then that makes it okay!  All you need to do is complain about your rights being violated, and you can get away with quite a lot here in the good ole USA.

So, I've decided to start a new political party during my one night stay in Bangor.  It's called "The Hotel Prices Are Too Dang High Party."  I stand on one issue, and one issue alone.

Occupy Bangor!  Tarp Price=FREE(out of a dumpster) The Hotel Prices Are Too Dang  High!
When I appear on the TV show North Woods Law and they drag me out of my shelter for trespassing in the middle of the night I will have two things to say, 1: I'm doing this for social justice, and 2: The Hotel Prices Are Too Dang High!

One of my shelters, constructed last year in the North Woods

As always, thanks for reading!

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