ARIZONA CHALLENGE DAY 11:Lickin' the wounds

As I've mentioned a few times in this series, we weren't carrying much food during the trip.  Because of this I would supplement my diet with wild edibles(mostly dandelions, and watercress), and the much more taste treat, lizard.  The Huachuca Mountains are home to a healthy population of small lizards and when I could locate an area where they liked to sun themselves I could usually manage to get a few.

To hunt these lizards I used one of the world's first weapons, the rock.  I would walk through a rocky washout, and as soon as I spotted a lizard sitting out my stone would be thrown directly at its head for an instant kill.  Surprisingly, I was very accurate with stone throwing.  I've never been a good shot at basketball, never been accurate with a football, and when I played baseball I'd hit the shortstop, even if I was throwing the ball to first base.  Somehow, rock and lizard just happens to be my hidden talent.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of my lizard hunts because I was convinced that my girlfriend would kill me if she found out I killed lizards... but I'll give more info on that later.

The rest of day 11 was spent treating some of the wounds that I had acquired over the past week and a half.  Tom and I both avoided any major injuries during the trip by practicing basic safety methods, but I still hadn't managed to stay away from being hurt completely.

The insides of my thighs were rubbed raw on both sides from the dryness, as well as the chaffing that occurred during long hikes.

My neck sunburn turned into an open wound after rubbing against my shirt.  I treated this with ointment, and some wet wipes.

Other than these two small inconveniences the desert had spared me.  I took the time to hike up a mountain near our camp to make a couple of phone calls home.  I told my parents about the lizard hunt, and reassured Sydney that everything was perfectly safe.  Then, retiring to my sleeping bag I remembered something.  Tomorrow was Easter Sunday!
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