On the morning of day 8 Tom and I were surprised to find that our water bottles had frozen during the night.  This seemed insane to me since the temperature in the afternoon on day 7 had been in the mid 80s.  Knowing that water begins to freeze at 32 F we figured that the temp would have had to be in the mid to upper 20s that night in order for the amount of ice that was in our water bottles to form.  Using my top notch 2nd grade math skills I calculated that we had experienced a 60 degree temperature swing!

My thoughts on these temp were bittersweet.  The positive was that this was the kind of challenging experience I was seeking when I decided to fly to AZ.  The negative is that I woke up shivering a few times during the night.  It wasn't a big deal, but it did inform me that I would need to improve my shelter at our next camp.
Nothin' like pine needle tea to warm you up!
After a long hike Tom and I took some time to make a short video covering the topic of "tinder bundles."  The tinder bundles that he makes are great for starting a fire, and they usually burn for 5-7 minutes at a time.

After the video I decided to erect a completely different style of shelter.  In the end I built a tent style shelter with a piece of plastic on one end to block the wind.  I'll give more info on the shelter as well as a video on my blog for day 9.