ARIZONA CHALLENGE DAY 6: "Homie Matt" brings the grub

Remember when I mentioned the fact that I'm fluent in ebonics on day 1 of this series?  Well, on day 6 I used my ebonics skills (and I use the word skills very lightly) to come up with a nickname for Matt.  Tom and I now refer to him as "Homie Matt."  We told Homie Matt that we needed a resupply on this day, so he decided to drive up the mountain to see us.  In reality, we didn't need any more food.  We just wanted some fudge, and some company from Homie Matt.  Did I mention that I think Homie Matt is an awesome nickname?
Homie Matt
We got up early to pack to the road to meet Homie Matt.   In the back of his truck we resupplied with MREs, tortillas, and of course fudge.  After sorting through the food the three of us hiked back up to camp to spend some time making breakfast, and taking an inventory.
Overall it was a good day.  We finally had some time to relax and enjoy Arizona.  However, staying put was not in our plans.  We spent the afternoon planning a long hike to the summit of Peterson Peak.  Peterson Peak was actually the only named mountain in the Huachucas that Tom had never climbed.  It sounded like a great adventure, and another great milestone in the Arizona Challenge.