ARIZONA CHALLENGE DAY 5: the land of fire

Waking up on the morning of day 5 I was exhausted.  We had probably hiked just over 20 miles so far while carrying heavy packs, and navigating through brush covered terrain with massive gains and losses in elevation.  Today's post is going to be a bit shorter since I spent most of this day attempting to make a bow and drill fire video.  I was finally successful on my 5th attempt.  Making the fire wasn't the hard part though, and I actually achieved flame on every single try.  The struggle was to aim the camera correctly, make sure the tripod didn't blow over from the wind, and to get a shot where you can't hear the Border Patrol helicopter overhead.

I was later disappointed while watching the video.  My form is bad, mostly due to muscle fatigue.  This was also my first ever video editing job!  I was very excited when it is finished since I'm a caveman when it comes to any kind of technology.  Enjoy!
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