Interview with Tom Moore

As many of you may know I will be traveling in Arizona with a friend of mine and I would like to give you some background info on him before the trip.  He's been living outdoors most of his life, and has become a seasoned survival guru.  Quite the bushcraft aficionado, one might say.  Here's a short interview, just to give you some info.
Wiskey Jack and I grubbin' on some fried chicken 

How did you get your start in bushcraft/survival/adventure travel? 

 When i was 9 my brother Russle gave me a pamphlet from the
international explorers club. I was hooked and knew I wanted to be an
explorer and world traveler. I attended courses like outward bound,
Montana guides school, traveled, camped, spent time alone in
wilderness areas etc.

How do you think your 16 years of military service has helped you with your wilderness skills?

 The military didn't help me with wilderness skills at all. with the
exception of perhaps learning to shoot better and camouflage /

I know that you’ve lived and explored the deserts and mountains of Arizona for most of your lifetime.  What other wilderness areas have you experienced?

I was a hunting guide and mule packer in the Bob Marshall and
Scape goat wilderness areas of Montana for 5 years then headed to New
Mexico where I worked as a Mule packer and camp cook in the Valle
vidal wilderness. I have also explored the Jungles of Thailand and the
Philippines, The Amazon river in Peru, the Maine north woods, Alaska,
Mexico. I have hitch hiked all over north America, central America and
Europe. etc.  I was also a wilderness guide and survival instructor in
Utah for 3 years, and worked as a ranch manager and horse wrangler at
various ranches

Have you been involved in any outdoor athletics in your lifetime? (drinking whiskey in a hammock doesn’t count)

 I was involved in Ultra marathoning, Bike racing and extreme
triathlons , also several wilderness based adventure races before
they became popular.

How would you define your current “occupation”?

 I don't have a current occupation. I guess by definition I am a
wilderness wanderer.

Did you have a “real job” at some point?

Yes, I have held many wilderness and military based occupations.
most recently I was a security contractor in Afghanistan and
subsequent to that i worked as a weapons mechanic in Kuwait.

What languages do you speak? (not including Ebonics)

 I can speak English of course, and I possess a good working
knowledge of Spanish, German and Philippine Chavacano (Spanish
creole), and a little Thai and Arabic.

Do you have any plans for a big expedition in the future?

Yes, I am talking with my friend Patrick in Brazil about meeting
up in Guiana for a river expedition down one of the many unexplored
river in that country.

What are you looking forward to most on our Huachuca expedition?  

I am looking forward to seeing my friend Sam again and sharing my
knowledge, skills and experience in the Huachuca mountains. I love to
explore any and all mountain, deserts and wilderness trails.

There will be more info on the trip to come!  I'll be going over travel plans, gear, etc.  Thanks again for reading!