I think that today is as good of a time as any to do my first gear review.  I honestly think that there are WAY too many "gear reviews" on the web.  Most are made by inexperienced campers who get gear in the mail and do a review the day they receive it, often right after they open the package.  To those people i would ask, is your first impression of your new gear an accurate analysis of how it will perform in the field through rain storms, snow storms, mud, rocks, and anything else you may encounter in the wilderness?  Absolutely not!  This is why all of the gear reviews I'll be doing on this site will only be carried out after I have used the gear for a minimum of 30 days.  I guarantee that almost anything you buy for use in the outdoors will perform exceptionally in a back yard or kitchen, but how will it perform when exposed to the elements?  That is what I want to communicate to you all!

Anyway... sorry about the little rant.  I just wanted to get that out of the way.  Here's a review on a tent that I purchased last summer before my trip to Maine.

REI Clipper Tent
Total nights of use: 34
Area(s) of use: North Maine Woods (30), Local Recreational Areas (4)

As usual there was a lot of rain this summer in Maine.  Unlike Spain, the rain in Maine does not fall mainly in the plain.  It falls everywhere!  This tent did an outstanding job of keeping it off of me, and my gear.  The Clipper weighs just over 5lbs, which is good for a tent as durable as this one. The poles are aluminum, and easily slide into place while pitching the tent.

My favorite thing about this tent is that the entrance is at the long end of the tent.  This leads to easier moisture management.  I constantly went in and out of the tent during heavy rain, and none of the gear got wet.  The vestibule also works great as a barrier between the rain and the inside of the tent, and provides extra space for gear.

This tent can be set up quite easily, and quickly.  Also, due to the size, it is easily fit into small camp spots (as seen in the picture).  The tent fit easily into its bag, which allowed me to break camp easily and quickly.
Sadly, this tent is discontinued... However, it is still available for purchase at
If you have any other questions about the REI Clipper please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for reading!