AZ 2012 Trip Gear

I spent part of this morning getting the rest of my gear together.  Packing always gets me excited for the trip to come, especially in this case.  Here's some of the gear I'll be packing.  Other than what's pictured I'll also be bringing a couple of books, Tom's hammock that i'll pick up once I arrive, and a small first aid kit.

Gear List:
Tarp 8'x10'
Sleeping bag (30F)
Rope (hand spun last summer in Maine)
Hiking boots
Cooking pot (modified Zebra Pot)
Insulated mug
Water Bottle
1 pair hiking pants
1 pair zip-off pants
1 pair sweat pants
2-T shirts
1 set of thermal underwear
1 fleece jacket
1 long sleeve shirt
Rain gear
3 pairs wool socks
Boonie cap
Stocking cap
Extra batteries
2 pairs underwear
Small fishing kit
Small solar panel (I've got to charge my camera somehow!)
Green knife
Folding knife
Sharpening stone
Camp soap
Flipcam (w/ tripod)