Back to Business!

Hauling an 18 foot canoe over a beaver dam while exploring a remote creek in the north woods.  
For the past couple of months I've been in Lincoln making money, and preparations for some future trips.  Details haven't been completely nailed down for all of them, but I will tell you what IS currently set in stone.  I'll be headed back up to Aroostook County in beautiful Northern Maine this summer for another great canoe expedition.  This time I'll assisting a canoe trip under Tim Smith, an experienced Master Guide in the great state of Maine.  I'm also planning another trip while I'm up there that will be either solo, or with a couple of friends.  

Canoeing has been a passion of mine since I paddled my first river at the age of 10 sporting a coon skin, Daniel Boone style cap.  Within the first 30 seconds of the trip I had steered the boat into a strand of barbed wire, and successfully survived my first tip!  

The second I purchased my plane ticket back to the wild north I couldn't help but feel the excitement of rapids, scenic views, and monstrous moose rush back into my veins.  It's looking to be another great summer!

Thanks for checking in!