Creepers International

From the traveling that I’ve done I’ve found that no matter where you go or what you do you’re bound to run into creepers.  It doesn’t matter which country or continent you travel to (ok, yea Antarctica might be an exception, but some of them penguins are kind of iffy). 
Is it just in male nature to creep?  Or did some guy just get really bored of putting actual effort into the art of flirtation and say ‘welp, I’m just gonna follow around this pack of shawtys until they give me attention.’ 
I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of creepin.  Heck, what’s facebook for anyways? Am I right? 
I guess facebook has dampened the effects of the natural urge to actually creep on women to those of us with internet access, but ever wonder what guys were like before facebook? 
Well, on our recent trip to Managua, Nicaragua we discovered just how crazy things can get when a dude sets his sights on creepin. 
Veronica was just sitting in the bus minding her own business when a young male who had earlier been begging for cash came over to her window for a visit.