FREE E-BOOK! - The Simple Little Sourdough And Outdoor Baking Book

There is a man who lives in the north Maine woods for most of the year. He teaches semester long Bushcraft courses, has an awesome sense of humor, and most importantly, is a real aficionado of outdoor cooking. His name is Tim Smith, and I had the privilege of meeting the guy back in 2011. Since then, he has posted many of the short books that he has written online for free! 

 All photos in this article are courtesy of Tim Smith of

All photos in this article are courtesy of Tim Smith of

Tim spends so much time in the woods that he doesn't have a bunch of time to spread the word about his books. One thing I really admire about Tim is that he doesn't really write these books to make money. He just wants the information and the skills to be available to anyone who wants to pursue them.

I thought I'd take some time today to share this one on the blog, since the quality, and usefulness of the text is something that no one should miss out on! Click here to download the ebook for free!

If you enjoy the book and you want to buy a physical copy, he also has those available for $7.97.   Click here to buy the book!

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