Roasted California Sage Brush Potatoes and Onions

 Photo courtesy of Alan Halcon

Photo courtesy of Alan Halcon

Today's Woodsong Wild Recipe is brought to us by Alan Halcon, bushcraft and dutch oven extraordinaire. I recently came across this recipe which he posted to his Facebook page. After getting permission from the man himself, I'm more than happy to share it with all of you!

Alan is a part owner at (which is awesome by the way, check it out) and is more recently known for teaching wilderness skills to up and coming rappers. I got a real kick out of watching this video!

 It's a simple recipe that involves a dutch oven, so pull out your cast iron and give it a try! Keep in mind, most of the recipes in this series would be considered vague to people who are used to fancy cook books. This is because they're being made by outdoorsmen who are simple, and experienced. All ingredients should be added "to taste." Think of it as going through your grandma's cook book, except the recipe's aren't from your grandma, they're from a bunch of backwoodsmen. 

Ingredients are as follows:

5 Potatoes

3 Large Onions

Olive Oil

Medium Size Lemon Squeezed

Sea Salt

California Sagebrush

Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning

Cook until the potatoes reach your preferred softness. 

Don't have California sage brush? That's ok. You can still make these fine spuds using rosemary (Alan's recommendation). If you wish to use sage brush we have agreed to sell it by the ounce for 7 easy payments of $64.99. That's right, just 7 easy payments of $64.99 (plus shipping and handling. Joking aside, it's an excellent recipe to know, and I'm very thankful that Alan was willing to share it...

 Photo courtesy of Alan Halcon

Photo courtesy of Alan Halcon


Would you add anything to the California Sagebrush Potatoes Recipe? Let us know in the comments!

Sam is a writer, adventurer, and founder of Woodsong. In 2011 his practical experiences over many nights in remote wilderness areas inspired him to start this blog! Sam’s adventures have lead him throughout North America where he has had the opportunity to learn from world-class outdoorsmen, and perhaps the greatest teacher of all, the natural world.

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