Braving Alaska, Heimo Korth, And How I Became Interested In Wilderness Living

I still remember the day that my interest in wilderness living was sparked. I was walking through my local library (I must have been about 8 years old) when I noticed a VHS tape by National Geographic called "Braving Alaska." I remember checking it out, and watched it over and over again until the VHS broke. 

I remember thinking how great it would be to experience a life so connected to the wilderness. Everyone in the video was catching their own fish, hunting caribou, and trapping for a living. It gave me hope that maybe, just maybe adulthood wouldn't be as boring as I thought. Maybe I could be like these people someday. 

Over the Christmas holiday I found myself surfing the web early in the morning while I was visiting family in Colorado when I stumbled across "Braving Alaska" on Youtube. Apparently someone was able to legally get it onto youtube (at least, I'm going to assume it's legal).

It's well worth the watch, but don't forget to also check out the second documentary made featuring Heimo Korth from Vice.

The Vice documentary below is the PG-13 version of Braving Alaska. It features Heimo and his wife Edna over a decade later, still living happy lives in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. It's easily one of my top 5 favorite documentaries. Watch it. Watch it again. Then when you've seen it twice, watch it again....

Then go play in the woods!


Sam is a writer, adventurer, and founder of Woodsong. In 2011 his practical experiences over many nights in remote wilderness areas inspired him to start this blog! Sam’s adventures have lead him throughout North America where he has had the opportunity to learn from world-class outdoorsmen, and perhaps the greatest teacher of all, the natural world.

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