How Anyone Can "Get On ALONE": 6 Easy Steps!

One of the most common questions that I receive is 'how do I apply for ALONE?"

There's a link somewhere. I'll find it real quick...

No auto-correct, I don't want to "apply for a loan"

I want to "apply for ALONE"

Alrighty here it is... shoot these guys an email

So you're probably curious about the title of this blog post. I wrote "anyone," but did I really mean anyone? Yes! Literally anyone who is healthy enough (ask your doctor) can "get on alone."

Here's how it works.

1. Find 10 items that you'd like to use to live in the forest. If you're not a purist, grab a couple more. Take the items out to your local wilderness area and practice using them until you feel comfortable with them. 

2. Spend a few weekends Alone in the woods, then a week, then two weeks.

3. Next, find a map of your country and pick a spot with a lot of wilderness. It's up to you. Pick some place that you've never been before if you'd like a little extra challenge.

4. After you've chosen a location, rent or purchase an emergency contact device, and contact a friend or family member and work out a safety plan (i.e. if you don't call after 7 days, call S&R/contact local authorities). 

5. Go to the wild place, walk into it, live with the land until you're ready to head home or it becomes unsafe.

6. Contact your buddy and arrange transportation home. 

I understand there are a lot of folks who can't do this, but if you're single and healthy, there's probably not a whole lot stopping you. 

Trust me, being on TV and filming the experience is literally the crappiest part! If you want to be on ALONE just to be on TV, you're really wasting your time. Way less than 1% of participants footage is used, and you have to split your footage with another 9 contestants. You'd be better off getting on "America's Next Top Model," or "Real World" or "Insert Random Reality Show Here." In fact, I hear they actually provide you with food and a bed and stuff on those shows, which is generally a plus. 

To in summary; go to the woods for a long time+ you don't even need to film it = basically being on Alone

I know this might all sound really silly, and many of you still want to apply for the real show, which I understand (after all, I applied for it too!) If you still want to be on the show, contact Leftfield Pictures and tell them you're ready to roll. My point is, if you want to have an epic adventure, you don't necessarily need to be on a tv show to do it. 

Oh yea, they do a background check, so... don't apply if that's an issue... 

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Sam is a writer, adventurer, and founder of Woodsong who is best known for being runner-up on season 1 of HISTORY's hit survival series ALONE.  In 2011 his practical experiences over many nights in remote wilderness areas inspired him to start this blog! Sam’s adventures have lead him throughout North America where he has had the opportunity to learn from world-class outdoorsmen, and perhaps the greatest teacher of all, the natural world.


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