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Although we're right in the middle of another great season of ALONE I wanted to shed some light on another reality show that will air on Monday nights, this summer.

Mygrations follows 20 people as they attempt to cross the Serengeti. This show will be particularly fun for me, because of my connections to some of the contestants. I won't spoil any surprises (he says as if he actually has insider knowledge of the show) but one thing is certain; they'd all be on my short list of people to cross the Serengeti with.


I met Reza in New York a couple of years ago. He's a chill guy from southern California, and has the perfect attitude for a wilderness traveler. I'd image he handles himself well during high stress situations. This may be bad for reality tv, but it's great in real life! We also got to hang out at Rabbit Stick last year, which was a blast.


Dan runs California Survival School. You've probably heard of it. It's in California.

I met Dan at Rabbit Stick last year, and he was a lot of fun. He even let me borrow some body paint for mask night, and offered me some fathering advice, so he's a great guy. He's another guy I wouldn't mind crossing a big desert with.


I've never met Jens, but he is a fellow alumni of the Jack Mountian Bushcraft School, so I look forward to seeing him in Africa. Jack Mountain teaches students to stay comfortable in the wilderness, long term. Jens even shot a promotional video series for the school a few years back, which has become pretty popular. Looking forward to some good laughs!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how these guys (and the other 17) do in this rugged environment. As I watch the previews I can't help but be a bit jealous of the experience!

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