Introducing Woodsong's Newest Course

I want to try to avoid making this post seem like a sales pitch. After all, I could really care less about making money. I do prefer to feed my family and accommodate their living indoors, but other than that, I really just want the people in my community to have a well rounded knowledge of what it takes to live comfortably in the natural world. 

I've been listening to folks over the last few years describe what they're looking for as far as outdoor education. After taking their feedback into consideration, I wrote out the plans for this course. Their feedback centered around a few key point:


Many "survival" guys are harsh and intimidating. Furthermore, many "survival" skills seem complicated, and of course, intimidating. We want to make sure that students on our courses (any of them) feel safe, comfortable, and at home. We're not training to go to war, or to impress others. We just want to learn about wilderness living. We strive to create an atmosphere of open conversation, and humbleness. 

Small class sizes

A huge group of people can take away from the quality of your learning experience. If an instructor can't clarify their teachings or answer individual questions, they've done their students an injustice. Our classes are no larger than 10 students, but we prefer to keep them as small as possible. During the course the entire group makes camp in the same general location. We all share the same fire and we all eat together. This creates a sense of community within the group. 

Affordable costs

We've worked to simplify the logistics of our course operations to reduce their costs. Although they can't be free, we find that our courses extremely competitive in this field. If you want to become a survival instructor, you'll need to pay good money (upwards of $150-200 a day in some cases) for your education. However, our new survival course is made for those who are just starting out and want to get their feet wet. 

Awesome experiences

During the course we sustain ourselves with some simple staple foods that we pack in, and with wind edible plants, fish, and game that we harvest in the field. This legitimizes our actions during the course. We don't just learn about doing things hypothetically. We also filter and purify our water, construct all-natural shelters, and learn to start fires using only simple materials and natural tinder. 

We've worked to combine all of these factors for what we'll refer to as our...

Woodsong Bushcraft Course

Location: 2-2.5 hours west of Lincoln, NE

Dates: June 10th-12th

Cost: $125

Course Topics: Primitive traps, shelter theory and construction, fire starting (by match, ferro rod, and friction), fuel selection, wild edibles (seasonal), fishing via hook and line, set line, legal traps, camp cooking, and more

For the Woodsong Bushcraft Course we live together as a hunter-gatherer group while constructing shelters, and maintaining a semi-primitive camp. The course will be held along a section of the loup river, where we'll be able to utilize many fishing and aquatic trapping techniques. Since hunting isn't in season during many of our courses, the river is a key food source. We'll even have a canoe or two on hand.

The hardwood forest environment provides plentiful resources. The mission of Woodsong is to teach the skills necessary to live comfortably in the wilderness, using only a few simple tools.



Bring whatever you want, but our recommended gear list is as follows

Knife, saw (folding or bucksaw), water bottle, closedcell foam pad, sleeping bag, tarp, cordage (at least enough to set up a temporary tarp shelter), Mess kit (plate/bowl and utensils), proper clothing for the environment, and a positive attitude


Meals provided during the course will include dinner on Friday night, 3 meals Saturday, and nothing on Sunday (course ends Sunday morning)


Approximately 2.5 hours west of Lincoln, Nebraska. Directions will be emailed to you before the course. Attendees should start arriving around 3pm, but the arrival time is flexible since many folks will be coming after work on Friday. The course ends Sunday morning.

For more information, shoot me an email at

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Note: No hunting or fishing regulations will be broken during this course. If you intend on fishing, please purchase a fishing license from Nebraska Game and Parks. I believe one day permits start at $8.

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