The $10 Canoe Rack

A couple of months ago I scored a white topper for my trusty Chevy S10 on craigslist. Its cost? A trade for that green backpack they gave us for the tv show ALONE. So, I guess HISTORY is to thank for it. Thanks guys. I can't say you never gave me anything. 

Ever since I clamped on that topper I've been going back and forth on the best way to haul canoes. I didn't want to spend a bunch of cash, but I wanted to have a roof rack wide enough to haul two canoes side by side.

Time to DIY it up.

This project was easy, quick, and extremely cheap. To start, I grabbed some 2x4s that I had salvaged from a work site. I wiped them down with used motor oil for protection, which was also free. 

I decided on 8 feet long and 68 inches wide for the dimensions (the same dimensions as my canoe trailer). After measuring and cutting the boards to length I laid them in place and screwed the unit together. I also salvaged the screws from somewhere.

I'm not sure where I got them, but they're not stolen! Get off my back!

The only cash spent on this project went to the stainless steel bolts for attaching the rack to my truck topper (I didn't screw it into the roof of the truck). In the end I used 4 5/16th bolts, but I may add a couple more for extra security. 

By strapping canoes down using the method below, I minimize the amount of hardware on the rack. The idea is to make the rack more versatile.

The finished product cost about $10 and is capable of hauling 2 canoes side by side. I could also use this rack to haul 3 canoes using the pyramid method. 

Anyhow, not bad for ten bucks and a half hour of elbow grease. 

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