Why I Make My Own Gear

A quick, simple post today. I may add more to it later, but this little guy is taking up most of my time. I wish I could write more, but it's worth it!

Over the last few year's I've started making more and more of the gear that I use in the wilderness. Although I don't make everything that I use, I do make most things, including canoe paddles, canoe poles, buck saws, axe handles, slingshots, arrows, backpacks, and a few other items that don't come to mind. I'll be the first to admit that I'm definitely hooked on DIY gear.

Here's why.

I Save Money

After you purchase a few tools it's really inexpensive. To save even more cash I made the decision a few years back to use primarily hand tools. Some of my favorite tools are spoke shaves, draw knives, buck saws, and crooked knives. Using these tools is both inexpensive and rewarding. They may take a bit more skill to use, but it's nearly impossible for them to break.

Now, instead of buying a handmade paddle for over $100, I can make one with a $10 cedar plank and a bit of varnish and tung oil. It takes a few hours, but I enjoy working with wood and watching the plank slowly turn into a functional paddle. 

I Have Total Control Over How My Gear Is Made

In the end, the quality of my gear is up to me. It's limited more by my skill than my wallet, and if you're like me, you'd rather gain the knowledge than spend the money. Simply put, I can make a lot better gear than I can afford (because I can't afford much), and I become far more self reliant. 

It also gives me the peace of mind that my tools weren't made in sweat shops or under poor working conditions. 

If My Gear Breaks, I Can Fix It

This is a big deal to me. If I'm in the woods and something unexpectedly breaks, I want to have the knowledge to fix it by myself. I don't want to go wining to the company that made it to try to utilize their warranty. 

Thanks for reading!

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