The 3 Most Adventurous TED Talks I've Ever Seen

Here's a bit of inspiration that will vanquish even the most daunting case of the Mondays.(wow, lots of epic words in that sentence!)

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of TED talks. I'm such a huge fan that in 2013 I seized the opportunity to speak at the TEDxYouth@Lincoln conference. Here are my favorite talks. Out of all the incredible talks I've watched these are the most motivational, adventurous, and kick-in-the-buttist that I've ever seen. 

Our first talk is the one given by Ben Saunders shortly after he returned home from one of the most epic Antarctic expeditions of all time. It's not very well rehearsed since he didn't have much time to prepare, but his passion and story are very raw, and pure. 

I also had the chance to chat with Ben before the expedition (here's a link to our interview)

It really says a lot about a guy when he's a hardcore polar explorer who's willing to chat with a punk 20 year old with a wilderness skills blog.

The next talk comes from Eustace Conway. You may know Eustace from the History Channel show "Mountain Men." Eustace is the real deal, and an excellent story teller/go-getter. 

The 3rd talk comes from Al Humphreys, who encourages us to "find what you love, and do a lot of it." Easily one of the most encouraging TEDx Talks of all time...

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